Jon Snow,Channel 4 and remainers, in general, did not seem to be expecting the outcome of a Brexit debate starring young voters.

The vast majority of young voters voted to remain in the European Union during the EU referendum vote, so you’d expect that the majority who appeared on Channel 4’s ‘Inbetweeners’ Brexit debate for young people would represent that.

You’d be wrong.

Time and time again, young Brexiteers put their point across brilliantly. One said: “If we want to make real change in Britain, which is what is needed we need to leave.”

Another said: “I just totally agree with that and hope the government got on with it”

One remain voter was even against the idea of a so-called ‘People’s vote’, he said: “We were told it’s a once in a generation thing, now suddenly people are voting for asking for a second vote.

“I feel like it devalues a vote. It messes around with the idea of democracy”

At one point, host Jon Snow could be seen getting visibly annoyed at the unfolding outcome of Pro-Brexiteers putting their point across, he snapped:

“Okay, okay. Well, there’s an interesting number of Leavers.

“Clearly the Remainers don’t feel very strong-voiced tonight.”

Social media users mocked the presenter, saying: “Poor old Jon Snow. He was hating this…”

And: “I bet Jon Snow hated every minute of this…..! #BackFire #Leavers”

Another twitter user said: “This is brilliant and who let them into the studio? Somebody will be for the chop tonight! Jon Snow will be berating his Marxist Oxbridge Channel 4 researchers for screwing up so royally!”