Guardian Journalist, Owen Jones was confronted and reportedly ‘mobbed’ by yellow vest activists today.

Mr Jones claims he was mobbed by the group after speaking at the People’s Assembly rally in central London.

A video clip, recorded by Jones was uploaded to his Twitter account showing the protesters swarming him in Trafalgar Square.

The protesters could be heard telling each other not to touch him, fully aware of the Police presence.

Jones uploaded the clip online, saying: “Thanks to the comrades who kept them at bay. Again, not intimidated by these fash, we are going to defeat you.”

Several police officers could be seen separating Jones from the protesters.

He later tweeted:  “Earlier they were yelling “rent boy” (honestly, it’s my Twitter mentions in real life), so I had to yell them they’re not my type.”

This is not the first time Mr Jones has encountered the yellow vest protesters.

Previously Jones was forced out of Parliment square and uploaded the encounter onto Twitter saying: “Just met some lovely Tommy R fans and I’d love for you to get to know them too”

Owen smiled throughout the confrontation despite being questioned by the yellow vests.

Jones attempted to mock the protesters by saying he was ‘going to go home later and have some lovely roast gammon’.

As Brexit draws closer and May’s vote on her Brexit deal is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, tensions are running high up and down the country from all sides of the political spectrum.

Theresa May’s deal is expected to be rejected by MPs and she has kept her cards close to her chest as to what she’ll do next.