A petition calling for a ‘People’s Vote’ if Parliament rejects the EU Withdrawal Agreement has amassed more than 130,000 signatures.

As the possibility of a no deal Brexit draws ever closer, petitions and flying around all over the place calling for a variety of things to happen.

Earlier this week the government took the decision to debate in Parliment (on Monday) a petition calling for the UK to leave the EU without a deal – that petition received more than 310,000 signatures.

Unfortunately, a pro-remain petition demanding a peoples vote if May’s deal is rejected has also succeeded in its attempt to be debated by MPs.

The petition titled: ‘Grant a People’s Vote if Parliament rejects the EU Withdrawal Agreement‘ has received 130,000+ signatures and states that “The Prime Minister has negotiated an EU withdrawal agreement.

“However, it is clear from resignations and interviews that the deal will not pass Parliament. As no credible alternative has been proposed, the public must be allowed to vote on whether to accept this deal or to remain in the EU.”

It will be debated in Parliment on the 14th of January. 

The petition adds: “Dominic Raab’s resignation is perhaps the strongest indication that this withdrawal agreement will not be approved by Parliament.

“However, he is responsible for this deal as former Brexit Secretary, which suggests that a better deal is not possible.

“The only better deal is to remain in the EU on similar terms to what we have now – not in Schengen, not in the Euro, deciding on EU legislation.”

The government initially responded to the petition once it received 10,000+ signatures.

They said: “A clear majority of the electorate voted to leave the European Union. We must respect both the will of the British people, and the democratic process which
delivered this result.”

You can view the petition by clicking here.