The Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, has said what will happen if Brexit is cancelled or blocked by MPs.

As of now, the UK will leave the European Union on the 29th March, however, the manner in which it does has yet to be decided.

There has been a push for Brexit to be delayed or even cancelled by MPs in the House of Commons if no deal Brexit becomes a reality.

Blocking Brexit would cause the largest political upset the country has ever seen and would destroy any trust in politicians.

Mr Grayling, the Transport Secretary, warned against stopping Brexit claiming it could lead to populist parties becoming mainstream.

He told the Daily Mail: “People have to think long and hard about how they are going to vote.

“This is too important for political game-playing and I urge Conservative MPs who back Brexit and others to back the deal.

“If not, we risk a break with the British tradition of moderate, mainstream politics that goes back to the Restoration in 1660.

“MPs need to remember that Britain, its people and its traditions are the mother of parliaments.

“We ignore that and the will of the people at our peril.”

He added: “It will open the door to extremist populist political forces in this country of the kind we see in other countries in Europe.

“If MPs who represent seats that voted 70% to leave say ‘sorry guys, we’re still going to have freedom of movement’, they will turn against the political mainstream.”

Labour MP Luciana Berger a People’s Vote supporter said: “These remarks are not only grossly irresponsible but also show just how desperate supporters of this proposed withdrawal agreement have become.

“We absolutely need to heal divisions in our society but we will not do so with a Brexit that makes us poorer and offers less control.