Pressure is mounting on the Prime Minister to rule out a no deal Brexit.

Remain supporting MPs and some Brexiteers in the House of Commons are uniting in an effort to stop a no deal Brexit from even being a possibility.

The default legal option is May’s Brexit deal is rejected is a no deal Brexit. In law, the UK must leave on the 29th of March. Mrs May has always insisted that no deal is better than a bad deal.

Despite attempts by MPs to block no deal as an option, the Prime Minister could force a no deal Brexit on MPs under a plot revealed by a cabinet minister.

According to the Express: “The plan could see the Prime Minister use her powers to call a national vote for April 4 – just six days after Brexit Day on March 29. This would have the effect of dissolving Parliament for 17 working days before polling day, meaning no MPs would be sitting to oppose the Government’s no-deal contingency plans from coming into force, MailOnline reports.”

One Cabinet minister told the Mail online that such move would block parliaments role in Brexit.

They said: “The public are saying, ‘just f***ing get on with it’.

“Failing to make Brexit happen would destroy the last bit of faith in politics.

“It is either this deal or no deal, those are the only two choices.

“If Tory Remainers threaten to join a no confidence vote, the PM should use her power to set the date of the election.

“And she should set it for April 4, after Brexit happens. There would be nothing Parliament could do.”

Obviously, the downside to this plan is that May would then have to fight a general election. We all know how well the last one went…