Good Morning Britain host, Piers Morgan has once again took to Twitter and upset remainers.

This is becoming a trend over recent weeks as Parliament starts to increase preparations for a no deal Brexit and debate on May’s deal.

Currently, there is a deadlock in Parliament as to what happens next when May’s deal gets rjeected by MPs.

The Prime Minister failed miserably to secure concessions from the European Union after delaying the inital vote on her Brexit deal before Christmas.

Once her deal is rejected, she must reveal the ‘plan B’ within 3 days. The deadline was once 21 days but an amendment which passed with a 7 vote majority stopped dramatically decreased the time allowed.

Piers Morgan’s latest Twitter outburst not only has Brexiteer sin agreement, but has infuriated remain voters too. What’s not to love?

He said: “The idea that a 2nd Referendum would solve anything is such disingenuous claptrap. It would just intensify all this toxic division, whatever the result.  Britain voted to Leave.

“Both main parties at the next General Election pledged to deliver Brexit.  Deliver the damn thing.”

The tweet amassed nearly 17,000 likes – there’s a lot of support to just get on with Brexit!

A second vote is not what we need. What the country needs is a proper no deal Brexit! This is what the British people voted for. We voted to leave the EU and this is leaving the EU. Plain and simple.

Of course, hardly any remain voters agree with either I or Piers, as you will see below from their upset tweets.

Another added

Labour leader, Jeremy Coryn expressed his desire to extend Article 50 today and called for Theresa May to trigger a general election to break the stalemate.

The European Union have stated that they would only allow an extension to Article 50 to accommodate a general election or second referendum.

I don’t know what’s worse…a general election with Corbyn in charge or a second vote and no Brexit?