Alastair Campbell, a former political aide to Tony Blair clashed online with Good Morning Britain presenter, Piers Morgan.

Mr Campbell was a former advisor for Tony Blair and fully supports the UK remaining in the European Union. Campbell advocates a second Brexit referendum dubbed a ‘People’s vote’.

Morgan also voted remain, but unlike Campbell understands how democracy works and that you cannot keep on having votes until you get the result you like.

Alastair hit out at Mr Morgan’s initial tweet calling for the government to ‘Deliver the damn thing [Brexit]’.

He said: “Think you’ll find ‘deliver the damn thing’ not as simple as creating a fuss about sausage rolls.

“MPs also have a responsibility not to damage the lives and livelihoods of their constituents.

“No deal would do that. So will hers. Hence the impasse. Hence back to the people”

Morgan was not going to let the scaremonger get away with it that easily and immediately hit back, pointing out his awful record of predictions going wrong.

Piers also highlighted that he did not listen to the British public when the Labour government was questioning whether to invade Iraq or not.

He said: “How do you know what will happen?

“You assured me that if Britain didn’t join the Euro it would be a disaster, and that we had to go to war with Iraq because Saddam Hussein had WMD.

“Forgive me if I don’t view you as an entirely credible Mystic Al.”

Campbell did not reply back. 

I’ll take that as a clear victory to Mr Morgan, who despite voting against Brexit, believes there should not be a second referendum and recepts the initial 2016 EU referendum result. Goodman!

If you ask me, I say that the UK leaving the European Union will be a brilliant idea and one that we will not regret in the years to come.

Yes, there will be short term issues and problems that will have to be resolved, but in the long term, the benefits of being a sovereign nation, free from the EU’s grip and having the ability to apply tariffs to specific goods and create your own trade deals will be immense.

The difference between remain voters and Brexiteers is that they have no vision or belief for what this great country could achieve, whereas Brexiteers do. We want to trade freely with the whole world, we want to solely make our laws in our elected Parliaments. Is that too much to ask for?

It seems like it with the way things are going.

MPs will vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal next week. Her deal is widely believed to be rejected and could lead to a no deal Brexit if MPs fail to block such scenario.

The Prime Minister will have just 3 days to reveal her alternative plans.

Once the deal is rejected, the European Union may finally be willing to reopen talks, but until then, the DUP and Conservative Brexiteers are strongly against her deal.

The backstop arrangement would see the UK remaining in the Customs Union with the EU if a trade deal has failed to be reached by the end of the transition period.

The only way for the UK to then leave the Customs Union would be for the EU to agree, effectively giving them a veto on the UK’s exit. It’s easier to leave the Customs Union now than it would be after Brexit! Crazy!

EU bosses claim that this is the best deal and only deal available, yet Labour still claims that they will be able to extend Article 50 and renegotiate the deal to include the UK in a new type of Customs Union.

Nobody really knows what that means and hopefully, we will never see Corbyn in Downing St.