Tory MP Nicky Morgan and Labour’s Yvette Cooper are doing all they can to stop a no deal Brexit.

The default legal position if Theresa May’s Brexit bill is rejected is a no deal. The UK must leave the European Union on the 29th March with or without a deal.

However, an amendment to the Finance Bill tabled by Tory MP Nicky Morgan and Labour’s Yvette Cooper would see the governments ability to spend money in the event of a no deal Brexit limited.

Sky’s chief political correspondent claimed that the amendment “could starve the government of cash and create a Donald Trump-style shutdown” in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Stephen Barclay denied this claim, stating that he did not think the cross-party amendment would be “catastrophic and shut down government”.

He added: “Once you’ve triggered Article 50 there are two options: you either have a deal… or you have no deal,”

Ms Cooper said: “The risks to our economy and security from no deal are far too high and it would be irresponsible to allow it to happen.

“I do not believe parliament would support no deal and ministers should rule it out now.

“Time is running out and this is too serious for brinkmanship.

“Parliament needs to make sure there are opportunities to stop the country reaching the cliff edge by accident. This amendment helps to do just that.”

Ms Morgan said: “Many of us have been clear that parliament will not allow a no-deal situation to unfold, and with less than 12 weeks to go until 29 March it is time for parliament to show our opposition to a no-deal exit.”

If this amendment passes and a no deal Brexit is the only option, then what these MPs have done is very immature and dangerous.