The Prime Minister clashed with the leader of the opposition, Jeremy  Corbyn this afternoon during Prime Minister’s Questions.

Jeremy Corbyn has called on the Prime Minister and her party to step aside and allow Labour to take control and negotiate a new deal with the European Union.

Under Labour’s plans, a new type of Customs Union would be created with the EU, however, European Union bosses claim that this deal is the only deal available and the best one possible.

Jeremy Corbyn put May on the spot during PMQs today and asked: “No amount of window dressing is going to satisfy members of this House. They want to see clear legal changes to the document that the government presented to this House.

“The foreign secretary said that the Prime Minister has not been asking anything new with her talks with the European Union.

“So does that tell us that the Prime Minister has been wasting time, holding the country to ransom with the threat of no deal in a desperate attempt to blackmail MPs to vote for her hopeless deal.”

May rightly replied to the Labour leader: “He can say what he likes about no deal, but he opposes any deal that the government has negotiated with the EU. He opposes the deal which the EU says is the only deal – that leaves him with no deal.

“The only way to avoid no deal is to vote for the deal

“If the right honourable gentlemen is uncertain with what I’m saying, let me give him a tip, he might want to use a lip reader”

For those of you who don’t know, the Labour leader was caught up in controversy before Christmas for allegedly calling Theresa May a ‘stupid women’.

Corbyn denied this and claimed he said ‘stupid people’ instead, but lip readers agree that he said ‘women’.