Guardian Journalist and remain supporter, Owen Jones, went into an apparent meltdown today during a BBC interview.

Mr Jones supports the Labour party and believes a second referendum is needed. He is also fully against a no deal Brexit.

When interviewed by the BBC today, Mr Jones went into a meltdown when the news presenter said that a ‘No Deal’ Brexit could be an option.

Jones said: “It’s not going to happen. It is scandalous that huge amounts of government money are being spent on what is effectively psychological warfare.”

The BBC host interrupted: “Sorry, why are you so sure it’s not going to happen?”

Jones replied: ” There is just no way that parliament would allow it to happen.

“They would just vote for anything else.

“They would even revoke Article 50, probably.

“You’d have mass resignations from the cabinet, you’d have Conservative MPs probably resigning the Whip.

“There’s not a majority for no-deal and parliament can take control.

“The Dominic Grieve amendment – let’s not forget – allows parliament to take control if the government lose the vote.”

Talk about throwing a tantrum! A no deal Brexit is the default legal position, to say that it would not happen with 100% certainty is very immature and short-sighted.

Ms McAndrew replied to Jones, saying: “The path that we are on is that parliament voted to trigger Article 50.

“The deadline for that is the 29th of March.

“We’re in a legal process so unless something is done to actually change that, that is where we ultimately end up.”

I for one support a no deal Brexit and I believe the vast majority of Brexiteers will too! It’s time we take back control!