Nigel Farage has set out his plans for if a second EU referendum was to go ahead.

The former UKIP leader stood down in 2016 after winning the EU referendum.

However, nobody could have expected the whirlwind and battle that was about to unfold before us in order to deliver the vote.

As it stands, May’s deal will not get through the Commons and MPs will do everything they can to stop a no deal Brexit. We are in a deadlock.

Farage spoke to Talk Radio and has seemed to horrify remain voters with his plans for a second vote.

He said (video below): “UKIP is now I think, not just for me, but for millions of people who supported it over the years, I regret to say it’s put itself beyond the pale.

“Let’s wait and see. If we get a no deal Brexit I’ll be a happy bunny. We’d have left the EU and will deal with the short term problems.

“We’d have left behind a European Union that is failing in many many ways.

Asked if he would be involved in a second referendum, Mr Farage said: “If there’s another referendum I will literally give up everything and I will commit myself to this 24/7 to make sure we win the second referendum by a margin that is so big, it can never be argued about again”

It seems like Farage will no longer play Mr. nice guy!

He added: “All I can say is I’ve put 25 years of my life building this little minutiae party UKIP into something effective that helped us force a big change in British politics.

“I was quite happy in 2016 to say ‘thank you very much, I’ve done my bit.’

“If I’m forced back into the frontline of British politics, well, next time folks, it’ll be no more Mr Nice guy.