Nigel Farage spoke to the Daily Express at a Leave Means Leave event on the prospects of a no deal.

The former UKIP leader expressed his worries and concerns over the possibility of MPs not delivering Brexit and said that a no deal Brexit is now a “more realistic possibility” than ever before.

Theresa May’s Brexit deal has no chance of getting through Parliment unless the EU offers major last-minute concessions.

If the deal is rejected, the default legal option is a no deal Brexit. Though Nigel Farage would like to see this happen, he expressed his concerns and sent a message to MPs over growing anger in the country.

Mr Farage said: “No deal is a more realistic possibility than it has been at any stage. I have got no trouble with that – no problem with that. But I just worry that at the end Parliament hasn’t got the imagination to allow it to happen.”

“I don’t think Westminster even begins to understand the slow-burn pent-up anger that is out there in the country.

“They are being called idiots. by the Chancellor.

“Don’t underestimate Middle England and how angry it will be if this is not delivered.”

This is very rue and I do believe that MPs in Westminster are so disillusioned that they forget peoples patience are growing thin.

Do they really expect the Great British people to lay down and accept them delaying, cancelling Brexit or forcing a second vote?

It would be far easier if government policy was a no deal Brexit.

It’s been nearly 3 years since 17.4 million cast their ballots. Could you imagine voting in a Conservative government, only to have to have Labour for 3 more years?

A lot of this does come down to David Cameron and the previous Conservative government for failing to create a single plan for the UK voting to leave the EU.

This just shows how confident they were that they’d win the referendum!

We could see a motion of no confidence against Mrs May’s government on the 15th or 16th of January as Jeremy Corbyn waits for the right time to strike. If the Tory party fails to win a majority, a general election could be triggered under the fixed terms Parliament act.

This is not what the country needs and is simply an excuse for power-hungry Labour to get in government. They do not care about delivering a Brexit the 17.4 million voted for.