LBC host, Nick Ferrari spoke to Conservative MP, Jonathan Djanogly, who is strongly against a no deal Brexit.

The MP for Huntingdon attempted to explain his reasoning behind being against a no deal Brexit, but LBC host, Nick Ferarri insisted he first answered his questions.

Hundreds of MPs in the House of Commons believe a no deal Brexit would be a disaster, even though it has yet to happen. It makes me wonder if these MPs have a time machine or just attempting to scare the British public with wild predictions.

Nick Ferrari asked: “The question was how do you know it will be so calamitous to come out with a no deal?”

The remainer replied: “Well, because people like myself who do have manufacturers in their constituencies are being told that it’s going to be absolutely calamitous.”

Nick hit back saying: “You’re familiar with Anthony Bamford are you, who runs JCB, one of the most successful exports that this country has, you’re familiar with his company at least? You’re familiar with his position?”

Mr Djanogly answered: “Yes I am.”

Mr Ferrari continued his rampage: “So he’s a businessman who’s worth £3.1 billion, who says it will be a bit bumpy but it presents no problems. Have you heard of Forte Hotels?

“Sir Rocco Forte, who owns Forte Hotels, are you saying that you know more than these supremely successful businessmen?”

The MP replied: “Not at all, not at all.”

Mr Ferrari responded: “Then why are you excluding the opportunity of no deal?”

Mr Djanogly hitback: “I go back to the letter signed by 218 MP’s which has been backed by every business – “