Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow is coming under increasing pressure from Brexiteer MPs.

Mr Bercow was yesterday questioned on his impartiality and even at once stage was forced to justify why the car he drives has an anti-Brexit sticker on it which states ‘Don’t blame me I voted remain’. As you will see in the video below, Conservative MP, Adam Holloway quizzed the speaker on the sticker.

The speaker of the House is an extremely important role and you would expect someone in his position to take it seriously and not waste Parliaments time having to justify his impartiality.

After Bercow’s controversial decision yesterday to allow an amendment to take place, former ‘Speaker Baroness Boothroyd was overheard in the corridors of Parliament reportedly telling a senior Tory MP that Bercow’s actions were “disgusting” and an “absolute and utter disgrace”’.

He said: “We’ve all noticed in recent months a sticker on your car making derogatory comments about Brexit. this is a serious point about partially. 

“Have you driven that car with the sticker there!?”

The speaker replied: “The only reason why I interrupt him at this point, was because there was a factual error in his opening remarks.

“I’m sure that was an inadvertent error and I mean that most sincerely. The honourable gentleman said that in recent months it had been noticed there was a sticker in my car.

“That sticker, on the subject of Brexit, happens to be in my wife’s car. 

“I’m sure the honourable gentleman wouldn’t suggest for one moment that a wife is somehow the property of chattel of her husband. She is entitled to her views. That sticker is not mine and that’s the end of it.”

Very well, the sticker is not his. But surely driving the car displaying that message asccosiuates himself with it?

You wouldn’t wear an ‘I voted remain’ T-shirt if you voted to Leave!