Michael Portillo argued with Guardian journalist, Owen Jones on the stigma attached with expressing concerns about migration.

Millions of people voted to leave the EU due to their concerns over uncontrolled immigration which has put major strains on our NHS and infrastructure, but if you express his view, people like Owen Jones will surely try and belittle you.

Portillo hit out at Mr Jones on the BBC show, ‘This Week’, he said: “It is absolutely outrageous at what you say. I think many people will be shocked because the fears they have about immigration are indeed what lay behind, I dare say, why many people voted for Brexit. 

“One of the reasons they did that, for years and years and years when they express the fear of the pressure on jobs, or schools and the health service, someone like you would come along and say that these people are racist and that they were making a racist case.

“People have heard you again this evening and would think ‘oh my goodness, well look I’ve had some concerns about immigration and here’s this fellow trying to tell me anyone who has this view is some right-wing nutter’.

“Not only have you learnt nothing, but you’re now trying to smeer a lot of decent people in the Conservative party”

Jones attempted to interrupt Mr Portillo, ut had no luck.

Jones is a classic snowflake and modern day leftie, there is no way you can reason with these people!

On the same program, Owen clashed with host Andrew Neil over his involvment in the Spectator.

The pair clashed to such an extent that Jones run out of time to answer questions.

Mr Neil said to Jones: “I knew you were going to bring that up and I won’t let you hijack.

“Your smears about me are not going to be dealt with tonight so just move off.”

“I’m not going to let you hijack. What I want to ask you is this, why is it when the far-right behaves appaling, that’s ‘thuggery’. But when the far-left does it, that’s ‘activism’

Jones replied: “I will finish what I was going to say about the spectator.”

“No, you won’t” hit back Neil.

It doesn’t look like this went well for Owen!