The Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, repeatedly swore at MPs in the House of Commons yesterday.

The Senior Conservative MP ridiculed the Labour party’s Brexit plan, of which would see the UK renegotiate with the European Union a new type of Customs Union and extend Article 50.

EU bosses insist that May’s deal is the only deal possible…yet Labour still shouts at the top of their lungs insisting that they will be able to negotiate a better deal.

Mr Give caused fury on social media after the word of choice to describe Labours Brexit stance.

He said: “He summed them up, pithily, in a word which in Spanish translates as ‘cojones’ and in English rhymes with ‘rollocks’.

“I know, Mr Speaker, there are some distinguished citizens in this country who have put on their cars a poster or sticker saying ‘b*****ks to Brexit’ – but we now know from Labour’s own frontbench that their official Brexit position is b*****ks.”

Mr Gove added: “I have to say that the shadow international trade secretary is a jewel and an ornament to the Labour front bench.

“He speaks the truth with perfect clarity, and in his description of Labour’s own policy can I say across the House we’re grateful to him, grateful to the constant Gardiner for the way in which he has cast light on the testicular nature of Labour’s position.”

As you could imagine, Twitter users were not impressed.

Some have claimed that bo**ocks is not swearing, but you can never be too sure these days with the number of snowflakes about.

Mr Gove claimed that he was merely repeating the words of Labour MP, Barry Gardiner.