BBC Political editor,  Laura Kuenssberg, has revealed Downing St plan for when May’s deal is rejected.

MPs will vote on the Prime Ministers deal on the 15th of January, just one day after the debate on whether to leave the EU with no deal.

As it stands, the deal will be defeated and May will be given just three days to reveal an alternative option.

Laura Kuenssberg today claimed that the Prime Minister could use the defeat of her deal in the Commons to her advantage.

She said: “Someone in Government was explaining to me yesterday they feel rather hopeful of having a much smaller defeat because they think the most likely amendment to get enough backing is the Hilary Benn amendment.

“The Hilary Benn amendment says, ‘no to this deal and no to no deal.’ If that wins, that will win because of a relatively small group of Remainers.

“If Number 10 were feeling crunchy and excitable and smart about how they might be able to spin that, they could say on Wednesday morning, ‘look, Brexit was defeated by a small group of Remainers who are trying to thwart Brexit. come with me, back my deal.’

“‘Oh, look, here’s a ladder for some Brexiteers to climb down. Oh, look, here’s a way to actually make this seems like it is a for Brexit or against Brexit vote rather than for Theresa May’s deal or against Theresa May’s deal’.”

What she is saying is that before the Brexit deal votes takes place, an amendment could be passed which would see a no deal Brexit blocked by Parliament.

This would give Brexiteers voting against May’s deal in Parliment little option but to back her deal if it’s voted on again.

Only time will tell if this is the case.