Shadow international trade secretary, Barry Gardiner spoke to Sophy Ridge yesterday on Sky News.

Labours current position is that they will not offer a second EU referendum vote, despite dozens of their MPs calling for a so-called ‘peoples vote’.

A peoples vote, they claim, would give the British electorate a final say on the deal, but in reality, it’s just a ploy for the remain option to be on the ballot once again.

Mr Gardiner seems to have ignored Corbyn and Labour official policy as he spoke to Ms Ridge on Sky News.

The Labour MP admitted that his party would get rid of the Conservative governments ‘red lines’ if they took power and would go to the EU and ask for a better deal, which he believes they would suddenly get.

Gardiner adds that once this deal was reached, it would be taken back to the people and voted on.

Mr Gardiner said: “If we as a new, incoming Labour government were to go to Europe without those red lines we know that we could get a different, better deal and that’s what we want to try and achieve.

“At that stage it makes sense to go to the country and say ‘here we are, this is what we have managed to negotiate, this is the deal that we have managed to conclude because we don’t have the same red lines as Theresa May, we think it’s a better way forward’.

“And it seems to me, at a personal level, what I would then say is that is the time when we would then say to people ‘now make your decision on what we have managed to conclude’.”

I presume Mr Corbyn will not be too pleased with his own senior MPs supporting a second vote!