Michael Giove has hinted while in the House of Commons that other countries may too quickly leave the European Union after Brexit.

It’s been said time and time again that the UK will not be last member state to leave the EU.

So far, no other country has had a referendum on membership, but Michael Gove’s latest prediction is probably getting Junkcer worried at Brussels HQ.

The senior Conservative MP claimed that countries such as Italy would be jealous of the UK after Brexit and politicians from the 5-star movement could call for Italy to leave too.

Mr Gove stated: “I think other countries will be envious of the position that we will be in.

“I think it will be the case that, for the sake of argument, some Italian politicians will look at our ability to have quota and tariff-free access to their markets and yet at the same time to be outside the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and to have full control of our borders and to be paying them no money and will be saying to themselves ‘why is it that the UK have a better deal?’

“One of the arguments that has been under-appreciated is the strength that this deal puts Britain in for the future.”

I do believe tat the break up of the EU will happen and it’s not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’.

Once the UK leaves and most likely Italy follows suit within the next 5 years, the European Union would be suffering deeply and the impact Italy leaving would have on the Euro would be massive.

SNP member Patricia Gibson, replied to Gove, saying: “I just want to go back to the point you made about Britain being the envy of other European states because of the position it will have post-Brexit.

“Isn’t there this contention that the entire Brexit scenario that we’re currently going through has enhanced Britain’s international reputation?”

He hit back, claiming: “It’s certainly the case that if you look at the flow of individuals that want to come to Britain – one of the critical questions about the attractiveness of a nation is how many people want to come here.

“And I think the fact that there are so many people that want to make a life in Britain is an indication of the strength of our position.

“I think it’s also the case that there have been significant investments from tech giants, from Toyota and from a number of others indicating that Britain continues to be an attractive destination not just for individuals but for investment.”