Yesterday the government was defeated on an amendment to the Finance Bill.

The amendment which received a 7 vote majority would limit the government’s ability to spend money on no deal Brexit preparations without Parliaments prior approval.

This would seriously restrict the ability to carry out a no deal Brexit as smoothly as possible and once again shows the lengths remainers will go in an attempt to stop a no deal as an option.

Sky’s chief political correspondent claimed that the amendment “could starve the government of cash and create a Donald Trump-style shutdown” in the event of a no-deal Brexit. The Brexit Secretary denied this claim.

Talk Radio host, Julia Hartley-Brewer, hit back at those who supported the amendment by expressing her strongly held and correct views on Twitter.

She said: “So the MPs who insist No Deal would be a disaster because we aren’t prepared for it have just voted to stop the Govt from preparing for No Deal. Hmmmm. It’s almost as if their aim is something else entirely, isn’t it…?”

Bang on! These MPs don’t know what they want. On the one hand, they complain that we are not ready for a no deal, yet on the other, they attempt to limit the government’s ability to prepare! Hypocrisy!

You can tell remainers are upset at Julia, all you’ve got to do is go through her twitter responses and see the outcry!

Ms Cooper, who tabled the amendment said: “The risks to our economy and security from no deal are far too high and it would be irresponsible to allow it to happen.

“I do not believe parliament would support no deal and ministers should rule it out now.

Today the government was defeated again on an amendment which would force them to state what ‘plan B’ is if May’s Brexit deal is rejected.

Cooper added: “Time is running out and this is too serious for brinkmanship.

“Parliament needs to make sure there are opportunities to stop the country reaching the cliff edge by accident. This amendment helps to do just that.”