Former Top Gear host, Jeremy Clarkson has come out swinging (not for the first time) against leave voters.

During an interview with LBC for the Grand Tour, the veteran TV presenter was asked what he thought of Brexit.

You would expect Mr Clarkson, who is very patriotic and has a major interest in the military and history to be all for Brexit, but this is not the case.

Instead, Jeremy has come under fire his controversial remarks about leave voters.

Mr Clarkson told LBC: “Those coffin-dodging idiots who voted for Brexit have just screwed it all up. Alright, we may lose a car or two. But think how many thousands of people are going to have their livelihoods absolutely ruined by car firms understandably moving their factories to Slovakia and wherever else.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m not an ‘old’ voter. Being 21 years old and 18 at the time of the referendum does not make me some kind of ‘coffin-dodger’.

Asked if he is worried about Brexit, he said: “Of course, there’s nobody in Britain today who isn’t worried.

“I’ve got three children and they’re in their early 20s and you look at their life and think ‘why did you not get up and vote?’

“None of them did.

“Nobody under 25 got up and voted otherwise we would be Remaining – ‘oh, I can’t be bothered’.”

He is right in some aspects. Voter turnout among 18 – 24-year-olds was extremely low. This seems to have changed since the 2017 snap general election, however.

Seeing as 17.4 million people voted for Brexit, from a business point of view and professional one, it probably isn’t the best idea to call them ‘coffin-dodgers’.

I was once a fan of Clarkson – now not so much.