Jacob Rees-Mogg has clashed with the Japanese Prime Minister after he called for the UK not leave the EU with no deal.

The Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, met with Theresa May this week in an attempt to win over MPs who will vote against her deal.

Mr Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister said: “It is the strong will of Japan to further develop this strong partnership with the UK, to invest more into your country and to enjoy further economic growth with the UK.

“That is why we truly hope that a no-deal Brexit will be avoided, and in fact that is the whole wish of the whole world.

“Japan is in total support of the draft withdrawal agreement worked out between the EU and Prime Minister May, which provides for a transition to ensure legal stability for businesses that have invested into this country.”

Thankfully, Conservative MP and Chairman of the European Research Group had the perfect response to the Japanese Prime Minister, he said: “Mr Abe can hardly claim to speak for the whole world otherwise he would not be so keen on killing whales.”

Spot on! I’m sure Trump would be more than willing to see the UK leave the EU without a deal.

Mr Abe cannot speak on behalf of the whole world. He clearly does not understand what Brexit means and what implications it has on the UK.

Would he want to surrender sovereignty, open Japanese borders, pay £18 billion a year and lose Japanese fishing waters just to be part of the European Union? I doubt it.

Why on earth is Mr Abe so against the UK leaving the EU fully and taking back control to be on par with Japan?

Who is he to say that we can’t do it?