The European Union has decided whether it will engage in future talks with regards to the Brexit deal.

Theresa May has fought with EU leaders since the middle on December to secure further changes and open up talks.

As it stands, her Brexit deal will be rejected in the House of Commons by MPs after having failed to receive legal changes since December.

The DUP will not be backing her deal, along with 80 or so Conservative MPs.

Britain’s divorce deal with Brussels is the only deal on the table and cannot be renegotiated, an EU Commission spokesperson has said today.

Effectively, as alternative proposals Parliament gives to the EU to avoid a no deal Brexit will be rejected by the EU if they believe that the current deal is the ‘only’ deal on the table.

The EU will continue to implement its “no deal” planning and that there are no more Brexit negotiation meetings are scheduled.

The Labour party recalling for a general election for them to take control of the talks, but it seems this will be pointless if the EU is not willing to renegotiate.

May’s spokesman said today: “Focus is on getting statute book ready for exit date and we are committed to doing whatever we need to do to deliver that.

“We are working to deliver on PM’s deal and leave with a deal.”

Asked if Tory MPs have changed their mind over Christmas as to whether they should support May’s deal, one said: “I am even more emphatic following Christmas. I haven’t found anyone who has changed yet. Mince pies seem to have solidified views as far as I can tell.”