The Shadow Home Secretary today attempted to win over Brexiteers by relating to them in the House of Commons.

Diane Abbott, who supports the UK staying in the EU and is strongly against Brexit today attempted to claim that she was, in fact, some kind of Eurosceptic.

So far, the Labour party is still committed to delivering Brexit, despite needing the vote of the younger generation, of whom the majority voted for Brexit to support them in a future general election.

Abbott told MPs and viewers on the BBC Parliment that she had an ‘immaculate’ ANTI-EU voting record. I’m sure Abbott’s remain supporting constituents in Hackney will be feeling a bit confused as to why they support her upon hearing this information.

Ms Abbott said: “We are committed to a jobs-first Brexit which will not harm our economy but I repeat, we want to honour the referendum vote.

“I would remind the House that I won’t take lectures from the Home Secretary on the inequity of the EU. I have an immaculate record of voting against all measures of further EU integration.”

“I remember very clearly voting against the vital clauses in the Maastricht Treaty. The reason I remember is because at that time both front benches were in support of the Maastricht Treaty. Those of us who wanted to vote against it had to stay up to the middle of the night to cast our vote.

“Don’t lecture this side on what is problematic about the EU. We campaigned in the referendum on remain and reform, and we do not resile from the point that there are aspects of the EU that needed reform.”

Diane Abbott needs to make her mind up!