Conservative MP, Mark Francois confronted the House of Commons speaker today over his decision to allow a motion to be tabled in Parliament.

The motion, which was ultimately passed would force the government to reveal it’s ‘plan B’ for when May’s Brexit deal is rejected just three days after the vote.

Previously, the government had up to 21 days to make their plans clear.

The Conservative MP appeared to even shout at the speaker at one point and asked: “I’ve not been in this house as long as you, but I have been here fo r18 years, but I have never known any occasion when any speaker has overruled a motion of the House of Commons.

“Just to finish, you have said again and again that you are a servant of this word and we will take you at your word. So why are you overriding a motion of the House today?”

Mr Bercow responded to the Tory MP: “The answer is simple. The right honourable gentleman referred to a motion and he said that no motion in this context, for the purposes of precis – may be moved other than by a minister of the crown.

“We are not treating here of a motion, but of an amendment to a motion.

“I am sorry, but there is a distinction between a motion and an amendment.

“What the right honourable gentlemen says about a motion, I accept, but it doesn’t relate to an amendment. There is no further.”

It’s great to see somebody finally confronting Bercow, who we all suspect to be a remain supporter!