Sadiq Khan’s Pro-EU New Years Eve fireworks display has not gone down well.

The London Mayor claimed it was an ‘opportunity for us to celebrate the contribution made to our city by Europeans’.

Pro EU songs such as ‘We Are Your Friends’, ‘Stay and Don’t Leave Me Alone’ played as the London Eye turned into the EU flag.

Reports suggest that around £2.3 million of taxpayers money was spent on the firework display which lasted around 11 minutes.

Phil Campion said: “Hey @SadiqKhan great idea rubbing 2.3 million pounds worth of fireworks in the nose of democracy. You know what you were doing and it was childish.”

He’s spot on! m

Why on earth are millions of taxpayers money being used to fund events which promote a political message which 17.4 million people voted against? Go figure!

Sadiq Khan said: “Our spectacular New Year’s fireworks showed that whatever the outcome of Brexit – #LondonIsOpen – to business, talent, ideas & creativity – and why London really is the greatest city in the world.”

Conservative MP, Andrew Bridgen, said what pretty much every Brexiteer was thinking: ‘It’s low, it’s very low to politicise what is an international public event. It’s a betrayal of democracy and it’s what we have come to expect from a very poor mayor of London.’

In my opinion, Khan should apologise. It was a not-so-cheap political stunt and done more harm than good in my opinion.

Khan said: “As we bring 2019 it’s an opportunity for us to celebrate the contribution made to our city by Europeans.

‘Here in London we have more than a million Londoners who are EU citizens and we should reflect on that”

I think the 17.4 million voters who think believe leaving the EU is the best for our country will agree with Mr Campion’s comments!