Good Morning Britain host clashed with Tony Blair.

The former Labour leader is calling for a second Brexit vote, despite the UK having not left the European Union yet.

Mr Morgan applied pressure to the millionaire remain campaigner and pointed out his hypocritical beliefs when it comes to Brexit and the Iraq conflict.

Morgan said: “You over the hugely contentious issue of the Iraq conflict, you didn’t go to the people.

“I was editor of the Daily Mirror. We opposed the war. We helped run a massive march. 1.7 million people marched through London – the biggest march the country has ever seen.

“You did not take the option of asking the people what they thought. You ploughed on with what you thought was the right thing.

“I’m not here to relitigate the Iraq conflict with you but why is it different?

“Why can’t politicians do what they are paid to do?”

People can say what they like about Mr Morgan, but this is him at his best. Thank you for putting Blair on the spot.

Blair replied: “It’s a really good question but we did have a referendum and that is the difference.

“And having had the referendum, I don’t think Parliament can just make up its mind now. I think the only thing that would be regarded as valid is going back to the people.

“So, I think the question is difficult but I think you have got to have a question that allows the people who really want, if you like, the proper Brexit to make their case. It allows people like me to make our case.

“Both of us make it on the basis of the experience of what Brexit really means, rather than claim and counterclaim.

“I think the debate this time it would be, frankly, much more realistic because both sides can’t make whatever claims they want.”

Did you notice how he avoided Pier’s question?