Speaking in the House of Commons this afternoon, the Prime Minister updated MPs on the g20 meeting in Argentina and answered Brexit questions.

Over the weekend, world leaders met in Argentina in an attempt to strengthen friendships and forge new trade deals.

When asked about Brexit and the backstop, Mrs May seemed to reveal the European Union’s honest opinion on the one aspect of the deal which they appear to dislike immensely.

Tory MP Vicky Ford asked May if the backstop arrangement is more uncomfortable for the UK or EU.

She said: “In the backstop, the UK will have tariff-free, quota-free access to the single market but we will not be paying contributions to the EU budget or following EU rules on free movement.

“Who should be more uncomfortable? The UK or the EU?”

When responding, May revealed exactly why the EU dislikes the backstop.

She said:¬†“It is precisely because in that circumstance should it [the backstop] come into place, we would be able to have that access without paying and without having free movement that it makes the EU very uncomfortable about the prospect of the UK being in the backstop.”

An interesting¬†interpretation of the backstop, but we cannot forget that the EU will have the UK exactly where they want us…in a Customs Union with no means of leaving unless they say so.

The UK would lack the ability to create free trade deals with other countries and be forced to abide by the Common Customs Union tariff on non-member state goods.

Despite May’s spin on the situation, it will not fool MPs, of which nearly 400 are ready to vote against her deal.

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