The DUP is propping up the Conservative government which lost its majority last year.

As you all know, Theresa May’s attempt to increase her parties majority within the House of Commons failed miserably, resulting in over a dozen seats lost and Labour nearly taking power.

Thankfully, the DUP was ready to step in a help prop up the government.

Without the DUPs support, a general election is almost certainly needed as the Conservatives would not have a working majority.

According to European Research Group chairman, Jacob Rees-Mogg, the DUP will ditch support for the government and effectively trigger a general election if the deal wins support in Parliament.

Sky News said: “The pro-Brexit European Research Group of Tory backbenchers is meeting this evening with chief whip Julian Smith.

A source in the room says the group’s chair, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has told them the DUP will ditch support for the government if its Brexit deal passes next Tuesday.
But the DUP will stay on-side and back the government in a confidence vote if the deal falls, they said.

The source added chief whip Julian Smith was “trying” but that they “don’t know what he himself can do about it”.”

Whatever way the vote goes, it will not be an easy ride for Theresa May and her party.

I think deep down we all know that the deal will not get through the Commons (thank goodness).

A general election is the last thing the British people want right now, however, the Labour party will relish at the opportunity to kick the Conservatives out of Downing St.

All I know is that the vast majority of MPs do not want May leading them into the next election. I wonder who will replace her?