A question time audience member clashed with Labour MP Rebecca Long-Bailey.

The Labour MP was interrupted by an audience member while she was shamming the Conservative party with their handling of Brexit.

The MP said: “The state of chaos the Tory party is in at the moment nobody knows what’s going to happen from one day to the next”

One audience member replied. ” “It’s such a mess, it’s such a mess – this is such a mess! The country went to vote – the country has spoken. But it’s such a mess that it’s about time that actually all the politicians got together and formed a group and went to the European Parliament and did a deal that was best for Great Britain.”

Ms Long-Bailey replied:  “Well, we offered the Prime Minister help at the outset.

“We stated what the Labour party’s red lines were on this and she refused to accept our offer.”

Replying, the audience member said: “No! No! You all need to work together!

“Not the single parties! As a team!

“It’s so important about our future. It’s time to put all the bickering aside and go together as a single force.”

Well done to that lady! This should have happened two years ago when Theresa May became Prime Minister. Unforntley, Mr Corbyn is doing everything he can to get Labour into power and putting party politics first.

All you’ve got to do is look at what Labour has said they will do if May’s Brexit deal is rejected by MPs – they will call for a general election.

This is not what the country, nor the British people want right now. It will only cause more division and uncertainty!