Nigel Farage’s comments about Jeremy Corbyn has caused concern among supporters.

Mr Farage seems to be woefully underestimating the damage Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister would do to this country and his frankly pro-Corbyn remarks on Talk Radio today have probably lost him millions of supporters.

Mr Farage quit UKIP less than 48 hours ago in protest of the path the party is taking.

Asked how he would feel if Jeremy Corbyn took power in a snap general election scenario, Mr Farage said:

“Provided we had Brexit, it would not matter because you would just get a few years of him and then we can get somebody else in with real power,” he said.

“As it is, most of the things Corbyn wants to do wouldn’t be allowed to do within the EU anyway.” VIDEO BELOW. 

Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister would cause chaos to our economy, public spending and put us all in danger. How on earth Farage can say it wouldn’t matter providing we got Brexit is daft.

Surely an experienced politician such as Nigel would understand the threat of a Labour government. To claim that it ‘wouldn’t matter’ is silly.

Asked if he would have joined the Tories as a consultant on Brexit, he said: “Of course and I volunteered myself. I said if I could be of any help in the Brexit process, particularly around the rest of Europe where I am quite a well-known figure,” he said.

Adding: “I would have loved to do so and I would taken that message out to Bavaria, to taken it out to wine producing areas of France.

“I would have said to people ‘look we wish to have as good a relationship as possible based on friendship, based on free trade but not being part of political union. Can you please give your own politicians a kick up the backside to make sure that they allow this to happen?’”