MPs debated whether the Conservative government acted in Contempt of Parliament this afternoon.

The Attorney General Geoffry Cox has been targetted by opposition MPs for refusing to publish the full legal advice the government has received with regards to Brexit.

This evening MPs voted overwhelmingly that the government was in contempt of Parliament.

During the debate in the Commons today, MP Nadine Dorries nearly brought the Attorney general to tears with her kind words and loyal support.

She said: “We are all, before we are Attorney Generals, before we are Mr Speakers before we are front bench spokesman, we are all MPs.

“We are all elected members. And I believe that both the Attorney General came to this dispatch box yesterday in both honour and in good faith and was honest.

“The result of what will happen today if this amendment is passed, that the integrity and the reputation and the honour of a good man will be traduced and that will be a disgrace of this House to do that because any one of us may one day be in that position and God hope that does not pass today for that reason.”

Social media users pointed out how Mr Cox was close to tears, saying: “Watching the Contempt of Parliament motion. Looks like the Attorney General, Cox, is close to tears.”

You could definitely see his bottom lip quiver during his colleague’s comments.

Yesterday, Labour’s Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer said: “The Government has failed to publish the Attorney General’s full and final legal advice to the cabinet, as ordered by Parliament.

“We have therefore been left with no option but to write to the Speaker of the House of Commons to ask him to launch proceedings of contempt.”

MPs who are found guilty of contempt of parliament could face suspension or even expulsion in more serious cases.