Former Labour MP, Alistar Campbell was left in shock as a member of the public expressed her support for Conservative MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Mr Rees-Mogg is the Chairman of the European Research group and has won the hearts and minds of millions up and down the country.

Jacob is one of the favourites to replace Theresa May as Conservative party leader when the time comes, but last month he announced that in a future leadership election he would not throw his hat in the ring and recommended that Boris Johnson would be perfect for the role.

Mr Campbell and Rees-Mogg filmed with Channel 4 news when a member of the public asked for the Conservative MPs photo and told him that he should be Prime Minister.

Mr Rees-Mogg replied to the women, saying: “Yes, of course, you can, I’d be delighted. Oh you are kind”

Mr Campbell barked at the women when she said she wanted Jacob to become Prime Minister, saying: “No we don’t!”

Asked if she would support a second vote, the woman said: “No we’re not going to go for a second referendum.

“We’ve had the referendum. We’ve had three votes on it.

“How many more votes are we going to have to have?”

I think this just proves that so many remain MPs or former MPs are living in a London bubble that they fail to see the true feeling of the country.

The British people do not want a second vote! We voted to leave in 2016 and that decision must be implemented – even if it means no deal.