The London Mayor’s Brexit remarks are laughable.

I’ve just read the London Mayor’s latest comments about a no deal Brexit (see below) and took it upon myself to break down exactly what he said and point out where he went wrong and why. If I won’t do it, who else will?

Khan said in Dublin: “My worry is that we could sleep-walk off the cliff edge and leave the EU with no deal whatsoever. “It is bad for London, bad for the UK and bad for Europe. That is why Theresa May should stop governing in the party interest and think about the country.”

There is so much wrong with that statement I don’t know where to start.

Khan claims that the UK would ‘sleep-walk off the cliff edge’ if we leave the European Union without a deal.

Firstly, Mr Khan, we know exactly what will happen. The UK would break ties with the European Union, we would not hand over £39 billion and we’d take back full control and become a sovereign nation once again.

The moment the UK leaves the EU without a deal we’d be on World Trade Organisation WTO rules with regards to tariffs.

Our government has been preparing for a no deal scenario and measures are in place to make this transition go as smoothly as possible. Once again, Khan has attempted to scare you all with this ‘cliff-edge’ talk.

The London Mayor continues to claim that ‘It is bad for London, bad for the UK and bad for Europe’.

He is partially correct. A no deal would be awful for Europe seeing as we are in a trade deficit with them. They need us more than we need them.

Leaving the EU with a no deal will deliver a proper Brexit, one where we do not leave in name only like Mrs May’s deal would want us to do. It will give the British people what they voted for! A Brexit where we control our money, borders, laws and waters. If that’s not good for the UK and London then I don’t know what is.

Lastly, Khan accuses May of governing in the party interest and think about the country’. He is calling for her to step aside and let Labour take control.

Labour is the party who’s playing party politics here. Not the Conservatives. Labour has already admitted that they will call for a general election if May’s deal fails to get through Parliament.

A general election is pointless. It will prove nothing and create uncertainty.

There we have it. 425 words later and Sadiq Khan’s remarks well and truly silenced.