Former Shadow Cabinet Minister Kate Osamor has been criticised over her use of police resources.

According to Guido, Labour MP, Kate Osamor phoned the Police on two separate occasions due to a journalist trying to ask her questions.

The MP reportedly called the emergency services last Friday and Saturday.

Scotland Yard sent six officers to her home in the 24 hour period. Was this really the best use of Police resources? Surely they have more important matters to attend then speaking to an MP who doesn’t like a journalist asking her questions.

Its reported that she called the Police on a journalist from the Mail on Sunday after he knocked on her door and threw water on a journalist from the Times.

MPs should know that Police resources are stretch thin and that their time must be allocated efficiently and effectively. I highly doubt journalists asking an MP questions was an emergency and frankly, if the allegations are true, Ms Osamor should be ashamed of herself.

Kate Osamor recently resigned from her shadow Cabinet position.

Corbyn released a statement in response: “I have accepted Kate Osamor’s resignation and would like to thank her for her work as our shadow secretary of state for International Development. She brought a new dimension to the role by committing Labour to tackling global inequality as well as poverty as part of building a world for the many not the few.

“I know Kate will take this time to support her family, work for her constituents and support our party’s efforts to rebuild Britain from the backbenches.”