Jeremy Corbyn has agreed to debate Theresa May, under one condition.

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn will debate on Sunday 9th December at 8 pm.

The two party leaders will attempt to win the public over with their Brexit policies, however, Mr Corbyn has stated that he would only debate May under the terms offered by ITV, not the BBC.

ITV called for the leaders to debate one-on-one, whereas the BBC would see a panel, including commentators and politicians, quiz the party leaders.

Corbyn said: “Theresa May said she wanted a head-to-head debate with me on her botched Brexit deal and I am ready to do that.

“ITV have a straightforward plan. If she and her team prefer BBC, she should join me in asking them to arrange an actual head-to-head debate.”

You’ve got to ask yourself why on earth Corbyn is afraid of being quizzed by a panel and not the Prime Minister? The only thing people can think of is that Corbyn is simply not prepared for the random questions he may get asked by a panel, whereas he is used to debating Mrs May weekly in the House of Commons. It seems that Mr Corbyn is running scared!

The BBC said: “Our proposal is to broadcast a programme which includes both a head-to-head debate between the prime minister and the leader of the opposition and also an opportunity to hear from a wider range of voices.

“After all, a broad range of views on this issue is held by the public and by parliamentarians – from those who want a different form of Brexit to those who want another public vote – and we believe that should be reflected in the debate.”

Channel 4 is rumoured to be organising a rival debate between Boris Johnson and former Labour leader, Tony Blair. That will be interesting…