Harry Potter author, J.K Rowling received a tweet which has since gone viral educating her on the leave campaign spending during the referendum.

Mrs Rowling shared an article which states that it was ‘very likely’ that the Brexit campion won due to overspending.

Rowing is known for being against Brexit and shared the article to her 14.5 million strong Twitter following.

The Independent Article states that: “It is “very likely” that the UK voted for Brexit because of illegal overspending by the Vote Leave campaign, according to an Oxford professor’s evidence to the High Court.

An exhaustive analysis of the campaign’s digital strategy concludes it reached “tens of millions of people” in its last crucial days, after its spending limit had been breached – enough to change the outcome.”

Rowing tweeted:

Thankfully, she was quickly educated about the leave campaigns spending where it was pointed out the remain campaign spent far more.

One Twitter user said: “Hi JK,
Remain outspent Leave by £5,634,325.
The Government also spent £9,000,000 on a Pro Remain leaflet.
That’s an advantage of £14,634,325.
The difference alone is more than Leaves entire spend.
The reason why Leave won is because people wanted to Leave the EU.

People seem to forget how big of an advantage the remain campaign had during the referendum.

Nearly all political parties, business and big money funding was behind the remain campaign, yet Leave still won! I think this shows how angry the British public was and still are!

I say well done and thank you to the person who pointed out the spending differences to Rowling. Someone had to do it!