Gina Miller spoke to Sky News and finally said what Brexiteers have insisted for over 2 years now.

If May’s deal fails to get support in Parliament on the 11th of December, it could lead to a no deal Brexit according to Gina Miller.

Other options would require an extension to Article 50, however, this is extremely unlikely. Mrs Miller is now saying what we Brexiteers have always said, it’s going to be a no deal! Video below.

Speaking on Sky News, she said: “The reality of where we are is that any option will require an extension of Article 50. We do not have the practical time with March 29 looming to implement a Norway style deal.

“The reality is this vote is not going to get through Parliament in nine days time, what is Plan B?

“Is it an election that she calls herself? It is an election that the Labour Party wants to call through a vote of no-confidence? Is it an alternative? Is it sending us back?

“Whatever the alternatives are, other than no-deal, would require an extension.

“This idea that there is no majority in Parliament for no-deal, I must just point out, if there is no other option because of the MP’s allowing Article 50 to be triggered no-deal is the legal end game here.

“So MP’s cannot stop it because they should have been having these debates when I won my case.

“So many MP’s triggered Article 50 without really thinking about the consequences of the actual legal end game of that trigger which is no-deal if there is no other option.”

This could well be the first time Brexiteers agree with the multi-millionaire business woman.