Remain supporting MP and backer of a second Brexit vote, Anna Soubry was questioned by Brexiteers in Westminster yesterday.

Soubry is a Conservative party MP and an avid supporter of a second referendum vote.

Brexit supporters wearing yellow vests confronted the Tory MP while she was being escorted by the Police outside the Houses of Parliament.

Footage of Leave voters talking to Mrs Sourbry has received more than 1.6 million views in 24 hours and sparked a huge online response.

In my honest opinion, I felt like the comparisons made by the yellow vest proters to Mrs Soubry were a bit over the top and that they could have formulated their argument against what she stands for a bit better. However, I support their right to express their feelings and protest peacefully.

They said to the MP: “A disgrace to the people of the country. Why do you think you can get away with it? Why are you calling for a second vote?”

Soubry replied: “Well because it’s a very good idea!”

The Brexiteers responded: “But we already had a vote and you lost.” “Why do you think you’re better than 17.4 million?”

Soubry released a statement online after the incident saying: “Time to heal and remember the overwhelming majority of British people are decent, kind and tolerant.”

MP David Lammy said: “Solidarity with Anna Soubry.”

MPs will finally get to vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal next month and it’s widely thought that it will be overwhelmingly rejected.

In this scenario, the default option is a no deal Brexit, however, a second referendum, something Anna Soubry supporters, could be forced onto the British people in an attempt to avoid a no deal.