Speaking on his LBC Radio show, Nigel Farage gave his honest opinion on the media frenzy surrounding Jeremy Corbyn and his use of words to describe Theresa May.

As you will all know by now, the Labour leader sparked anger when he was accused of calling the Prime Minister a ‘stupid women’, however, he denies this and claims he said ‘stupid people’ instead.

Mr Farage said: “It looked to me like he said ‘stupid woman’ but others in the Labour party are saying: ‘No, no, no – that’s not what he was saying, he was saying stupid people.’

“This led to a chorus of those on the Conservative benches demanding that Jeremy Corbyn apologise and he got up and told MPs: ‘No, I said stupid people’ and, quote, ‘I’m opposed to the use of sexist language in any form.’

“Now I wonder if he’d said, stupid man, whether he’d have been called sexist for doing that.

“I think it’s a row about nothing.”

Farage then admitted: “I have to tell you that I have muttered under my breath things probably far ruder than that when I’ve been attacked by Mr Verhofstadt or Mr Juncker in the European Parliament.

“My view: it’s a row about nothing.”

In Corbyn’s defence, I can see where he is coming from with the slip of words. Politics can sometimes be fueled by emotions and clearly, the Prime Minister got under his skin during the debate on Wednesday.

However, Mr Corbyn is a veteran MP and knows better than to disrespect Members of Parliament, let alone the Prime Minister int he House of Commons.