Jeremy Corbyn’s alleged ‘stupid women’ comments about Theresa May has taken the media by storm over the past 24 hours.

During Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday, Mrs May responded to Mr Corbyn and mocked his indecision on whether to call votes of no confidence against her.

Once May sat down, Mr Corbyn was seen muttering the phrase ‘stupid women’ under his breath, according to dozens of Conservative MPs.

The Labour leader denied this claim, insisting that he said ‘stupid people’ instead.

Former SAS troop, Phil Campion said pretty much what we’re all thinking about Mr Corbyn, but before I show you his tweet, below is footage of the Corbyn allegedly saying ‘stupid women’.

Former SAS troop, Big Phil said what the majority of Brexiteers are thinking on Twitter.

He said: “So along with his other accomplishments, @jeremycorbyn can now add Liar to his CV.”

I don’t know about you, but I agree with that 100%!

A Labour Party spokesperson said: “He did not say ‘stupid woman’, he said ‘stupid people’.

“As far as I’m aware he was saying ‘stupid people’ in regard to what was going on in the chamber

“Lip-reading in such circumstances is always open to doubt. He did not say that.”

“He definitely didn’t say ‘stupid woman’. Of course, he has respect for all MPs, including the prime minister, but she has behaved in a reckless and cynical manner in an attempt to force MPs to back her deal.

“And the attempt to drive up prospects of no deal is to force a choice between no deal and her deal. That is a false choice, it will not be allowed to happen and that’s why.”