Former Brexit Secretary, David Davis let loose on MPs who were spreading ‘propaganda’ against a no deal Brexit.

Leaving the European Union on WTO terms is highly probable if Theresa May’s deal gets rejected in the Commons next week.

The Prime Minister has spent over 18 months negotiating with EU officials in an attempt to reach a good deal for the UK which delivers the Brexit the British people voted for. However, many believe she has failed.

Despite her best efforts, May’s deal is not what we voted for and will almost certainly be rejected by MPs.

The European Union has insisted that there can be no more negotiation and this deal is the best it will get for the UK.

Speaking in the House of Commons this afternoon, David Davis slammed those who were talking down a no deal Brexit.

He said: “So-called no deal, which the chancellor calls it a ‘strict no deal‘, because he knows full well all the preparations that have gone on in government to create a basic no deal or basic outcome or a basic negotiated outcome. There is a whole spectrum of possible types of no deal. 

Adding: “There has been enormous amounts of black propaganda about a WTO Brexit. We heard a couple months ago that supply of insulin will dry out, no they won’t, we talked to companies and NHS, they did their checks. No drugs will dry out. 

“There are EU wide contingency measures ensuring no stoppage of aviation. If this deal goes down, there will be a scramble to put the necessary negotiations together”.

It’s so refreshing to hear an MP speak the honest truth about a no deal Brexit instead of listening to Labour MPs who only pump fear into the public domain.