Charles Moore accused the BBC last night of being against Brexit.

Appearing on the Question Time panel, Mr Moore highlighted how he was the only Brexit supporter out of the 4 other panellists.

You probably would not be wrong in saying that the BBC is staunchly against Brexit…how many times have you heard them say ‘despite Brexit’ on their news reports when covering a positive story about the UK.

The former Daily Telegraph editor said: “One of the amazing things of the BBC manages in its unbiased approach – here we are five people on the panel and only one is pro-Brexit. That’s me.

“That is a very usual balance on the BBC. Everybody on this panel, except for me, comes from a Remain point of view in the referendum, including James Brokenshire.

“Therefore they don’t understand why people care about this and they don’t see what the real issue at stake is. This is why Mrs May’s deal cannot possibly work.”

Dimbleby replied: “Just before you attack the BBC in your perennial, even diurnal way. James Brokenshire is part of a Government pursuing Brexit.

“Jill Rutter is independent on this matter.”

A Conservative MP added that:  “I profoundly want us to ensure we leave on 29th March next year. That’s absolutely what our intention is.”

However, what Mr Moore then pointed out is that the Tory MP did not vote to leave the European Union and is unable to see where leave voters are coming from.

He said: “They don’t understand why people care about this and they don’t see what the real issue at stake is”.

It’s safe to say that everyone was in agreement with Mr Moore!