Labour has official launched Contempt of Parliament proceedings against the government.

Six political parties have signed a letter calling the House of Commons Speaker to launch “contempt of parliament” proceedings against the government.

Contempt of Parliament is action taken by an MP or someone else to hinder or obstruct the work of parliament, for example giving false evidence to a parliamentary committee or failing to provide the full Brexit legal advice.

Punishments vary from MPs facing suspension or even expulsion.

Attorney General Geoffrey Cox has refused to publish the advice because “I sincerely believe it would not be in all of our interests”.

The letter states: “It is apparent to us – and we believe the overwhelming majority of the House – that the information released today does not constitute the final and full advice provided by the Attorney General to the Cabinet.

“It does not comply with a motion of the House that you have ruled to be effective.

“We would now ask that you consider giving the House of Commons the opportunity to debate and consider this matter of contempt at the earliest opportunity.”

This could put any MP, including May, who has been found to block legal advice being made public liable for punishment.

MPs have written to the Speaker of the House, Mr Bercow.

According to the Guardian: “If Bercow then said there was a case to answer, he could permit a motion from the complainant to have the case referred to the Commons committee of privileges, a cross-party group of MPs. It would be up to the committee to formally investigate any alleged contempt, and to produce a report containing a conclusion and a recommendation for punishment”