Jeremy Corbyn has announced that Labour will table a no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister.

Mr Corbyn warned earlier today that if the Prime Minister refused to set a date for the Brexit deal vote, he will table a motion of no-confidence against her.

This is not a motion of no-confidence against May’s government and if she lost the vote it would not trigger a general election.

What it will do is test the water for Labour for when they do eventually call for a no-confidence vote against the government which could trigger a general election.

Corbyn made the point of order at the end of questions to the PM.

Claiming that May has “obdurately refused” to hold a vote on her Brexit deal on the date she first agreed or this week and that “unacceptable” MPs will now vote on likely 14 January.

Corbyn says this motion will be tabled “immediately”.

Corbyn hopes that this will cause the Prime Minister to move the vote forward to the end of this week.

His motion reads: “This house has no confidence in the Prime Minister due to her failure to allow the House of Commons to have a meaningful vote straight away on the Withdrawal Agreement and framework for future relationships between the UK and the European Union.”

The Labour Whips twitter account said: “Corbyn has just announced that he is tabling a vote of no confidence in @theresa_may for refusing to bring forward the meaningful vote immediately. The Govt must now make time to debate this – if they don’t it’s clear they believe she does not retain confidence of House of Commons.”

The no-confidence vote against the Prime Minister is set to take place tomorrow evening.

A Labour spokesperson says: “It’s clearly a confidence motion. The government must find time to debate this tomorrow.

“If they refuse to do so it is because she does not retain the confidence of the House of Commons and they know she would lose.”

Senior Labour MP, John McDonnell said: “Just completed a news round confirming Labour’s victory in forcing the Prime Minister to set a date for the meaningful vote on her proposed deal. Jeremy has taken the sense of the House of Commons which is clearly demanding a vote this week. Fair enough, we’re now going for it.”

Labour could soon annoucne their motion of no confdience against the government, but have been on record stating they will do this when May’s government is at it’s weakest. I suspect once her Brexit deal fails to be voted through the Commons next month, Labour will then make their major move.

Theresa May announced earlier this afternoon that the vote on the Brexit deal will happen in the middle of January, but before the 21st of January deadline.

The 21st of January is the deadline to any future Brexit talks with the European Union, so by delaying the vote until the week before the 21st, Mrs May is securing that Labour will not be able to take power and change the Brexit deal unless they delayed article 50. The 21st Jan date is enshrined in the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018.

The European Union has so far refused to reopen Brexit talks, leaving Theresa May between a rock and a hard place.

Mrs May admitted earlier last week that her deal, in its current state, will not get the backing of Parliament and several dozens of her own MPs. No major changes have since been made so I can only presume that the Prime Minister deep down knows that her deal will not get backing in Parliament.

The cabinet will be meeting tomorrow to discuss the next steps in order to carry out a no deal Brexit. Its encouraging to hear that these meetings are happening.