The result of the no-confidence vote against the Prime Minister has been announced.

This Morning Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee declared that the 48 letter threshold had been breached and that a vote will take place this evening.

Theresa May’s decision to delay the ‘meaningful vote’ on her Brexit deal pushed several Tory MPs over the line and caused them to submit their letters.

This evening it was announced that Theresa May has won a vote of no confidence against her and will remain as Conservative leader and Prime Minister.

Yes votes: 200 No votes: 117 Majority: 83

The Prime Minister’s victory this evening will finally add some stability to the Conservative party. Mrs May will be immune from further votes of no confidence for a year, securing her position as Conservative leader.

May will meet with European Union leaders and heads of government over the coming days in an attempt to secure concessions on the Brexit deal. Juncker and Tusk have already stated that there is no room for renegotiation on the Brexit deal. It is almost certain that when May’s deal does go to a vote, it will be overwhelmingly rejected by MPs.

When this happens, it is likely that the Labour party will motion a no-confidence vote against the government and attempt to form a minority government if they win the vote. Failing to form a government, a general election will be called.

The European Union has stated before that they would be willing to extend Article 50 talks to accommodate a general election or second referendum.

Her spokesmen today indicated however that she will not continue to run the country after Brexit.

Last year Mrs May lead the Conservatives into a frankly embarrassing general election where they lost their 20 point lead over the Labour party and their majority in Parliament. Conservative members do not wish to see May repeat that process again.

Let’s see what the rest of the week will bring.