The BBC has released a statement saying that they will not host a Brexit TV debate.

Under BBC plans, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn would debate one-on-one, but also take questions from a panel.

Jeremy Corbyn seems to have caused the BBC to pull out as he wants to solely debate Theresa May and not take questions from the audience. Sounds like he’s running scared.

ITV are proposing a one-on-one only debate, but Theresa May is against this idea.

In a statement, the BBC said: “We are disappointed that we could not reach an agreement on the BBC’s proposal for a debate on Brexit.

“We have been clear throughout the whole of this process that, as well as a substantive head-to-head debate, any programme we broadcast would need to include other voices, including other political parties, to reflect the wide range of views the public and parliamentarians hold about Brexit.

“The final proposal we put to both of the main parties was for a head-to-head debate between the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition, followed by a discussion between eight panellists, including politicians, with a wide range of views on Brexit, and ending with further head-to-head debate and closing statements.

“We believe ours was a fair and appropriate format for those taking part and, crucially, for our audiences around the country, and it is a shame we will not be able to bring them this programme.”

In all honesty, I struggle to see the point of a Brexit debate between May and Corbyn. Surely a debate between a remainer and a leave voter would be so much better. May v Boris is what the country wants!

Channel 4 is rumoured to be organising a debate between Boris Johnson and Tony Blair.