Deputy Political Editor of Sky News, Beth Rigby has reported that 48 letters of no confidence submitted against Theresa May appear to have been submitted.

The Prime Minister is currently touring Europe in an attempt to reach an agreement on the Brexit deal, however, it’s unlikely any concessions will be made.

In light of her decision to delay the Brexit deal vote, which was supposed to take place this evening, the Prime Minister appears to have infuriated several Conservative MPs to such an extent they submitted letters of no confidence against her to the 1922 Committee chairman.

Political Correspondent for Sky News, Tom Rayner claimed that an MP told him that 4 or 5 letters of no confidence were submitted in the past 24 hours.

He said: Tory MP who has already submitted a no-confidence letter tells me he thinks “4 or 5” additional letters have been sent to Sir Graham Brady in last 24 hours. BUT plenty of caution in westminster too – one critic of PM not thought to have submitted a letter yet was v doubtful”.

Beth Rigby claimed that the European Research Group is now confident that the 48 letter threshold needed to submit a no confidence vote had been ‘breached’.

She tweeted: “Confidence vote watch. I know it’s a dangerous game to play and Sir Graham is keeper of the list. But my ERG sources pretty confident now that 48 trigger been breached. Of course Sir Graham won’t announce while PM out of country – and we’ve been here before. But mood hardening”

She added: “And on this matter, the only one who knows is Sir Graham and he would never comment, not even to friends…..”

On news of the potential leadership vote, the pound dropped.

A weak pound is good for exports seeing as the UK currently has a trade deficit and imports more than it exports.