Former Foreign Secretary and London Mayor, Boris Johnson blasted Theresa May’s Brexit plan.

Mr Johnson is firmly against the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal and made his opinions well known when giving a speech in the House of Commons.

MPs are set to vote on the Brexit deal next Tuesday and many expect a major defeat for the government. This is probably the first time leave and remain MPs are united on a single issue. May’s deal is awful.

Boris said: “2 years of negotiation, as already been said, has brought us together, finally. It has brought us together, remainers and leavers, myself and Tony Blair, we are united. The whole Johsnon family in the belief that this is a national humiliation and that makes a mockery of Brexit.

“There will be no proper free trade deals at the result of this deal. We will not take back control of our laws. For the government to continue to suggest otherwise is to do violence to the natural meaning of words.

“We will give up £39 billion for nothing. We will not be taking back control of our borders. Not only have we yet to settle the terms on EU migrants will come into this country, but we will be levying EU tariffs at UK ports and sending 80% of the cash to Brussels!

“W are ensuring that we will never, ever be able to take advantage of the freedoms that we should have won by Brexit”.

He added: “The EU will not treat us in as a sovereign equal in these negotiations unless and until we are willing to stand up for our own interests.”

In words that Brexiteers will surely welcome, Boris made the point that: “Our country is ready for us to take this stand. I think they’ve had enough of being told we can’t do it.”