Michael Gove clashed with Andrew Marr while appearing on the BBC.

Cabinet Minister, Michael Gove hit out at Andrew Marr for implying that Brexiteers did not understand everything about the referendum and what leaving ment.

It certainly seems like Marr was implying that leave voters were too thick to make an informed decision.

Thankfully, Gove defended Brextieers and put the BBC presenter in his place. Under no circumstances should a second Brexit vote happen.

He said: “Why are we asking people again on the basis they got it wrong last time around?”

Mr Marr interrupted: “On the basis that things have changed they did not understand everything that was going to pertain.”

Gove responded: “They were too thick to make the decision then were they?

“People knew that they were voting to Leave the European Union and we should honour that verdict.

“I think the idea that people were somehow too dim to appreciate what was being offered at the time, I think that is profoundly wrong.

“I fear that many people would interpret the attitude of those who are arguing for a second referendum as condescending.

“I think if there were a second referendum people would vote in even larger numbers then they did before but the very act of calling a second referendum would damage faith in democracy and rip apart the social fabric of this country.

“It would confirm in the minds of many that the establishment is willing to give you a choice but if you make the wrong choice then you have to choose again.

“People whose voices had never been heard before and certainly never been listened to said sorry we want this country to take a different course.

“If they are told sorry you are too daft or too prejudiced last time round so think again.”

Parliament is set to vote on the Brexit deal on 11th December and it is widely believed that the deal will not receive the votes it needs to get through the Commons.

What happens next is anyone’s guess.